Registered Trademark

OFFICER TIMES have Registered Trademark (Trade Mark No. : 3093408, 18 Dec. 2016) approved by Trade Mark Registry, Government of India under Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 62 (1).

Exclusive Rights :

1. Trademark Provides nationwide notice of ownership of the mark as of the registration date, preventing others from claiming their subsequent adoption of the mark was in ‘good faith’. Registration also entitles the owner to use the ® symbol “R” or word registered

2. Trade mark registration gives the proprietor the right to exclusive use of the mark in respect of the goods or services covered by it. Possibly the most important reason for registration of a trade mark is the powerful remedies against unauthorised use.

3. A trademark can be almost anything – a word, logo, sound, shape, color, scent, taste or any combination of these-that distinguishes the goods or services of one party from those of another. Trademarks also assure consumers of consistent quality and thus help promote efficient competition. Registering a trademark protects a company’s name or logo, which is often a company’s most valuable asset.